Inside Look at the Tyson 2.0 Coffee Shop in Amsterdam

If you know a thing or two about Amsterdam, it’s that coffee shops aren’t really coffee shops. Instead, they’re cannabis lounges where you can legally order and smoke weed–paradise, eh? Take a walk down nearly any street, and you’ll find shop after shop and happy customers coming out with red eyes and smiles across their faces.

The newest spot on the block is the Tyson 2.0 Coffee Shop, spearheaded by Eduard Kempel. In just a few months, the establishment took over the scene by giving the traditional coffee shop experience a new flair. So, we sat down with Eduard for an inside look at the shop and the one-of-a-kind adventure that awaits you.

Origins of the Coffeeshop

The coffee shop culture has been cemented in Amsterdam since the 70s, which is great for cannabis enthusiasts, but that means it’s become more difficult than ever to break into the scene as a new shop. But Eduard, knowing the exalted reputation of Tyson 2.0 products and the notoriety of Mike Tyson, saw an opportunity that no one else was taking: branded coffee shops.

“I was just a big believer in the brand, and seeing here that brands still are not a thing. Most of them are just…family businesses…and nothing really here is representing brand coffee shops…and for me, it was just like a missing piece.”

It didn’t take long for locals to notice that Eduard was filling that missing piece. Before the shop even opened and there was just a small Tyson 2.0 sign hanging outside, rumors were already circling, “I heard a lot of feedback just standing outside looking at the shop. A guy walked by randomly, and I had a 30-minute conversation with him, where he told me how excited he is to bring something like this, you know, that coffee shops are getting boring, and there’s nothing really they offer in terms of experience.”

Well, Eduard had a plan to bring a brand-new coffee shop experience.

The Tyson 2.0 Coffee Shop Experience

Most other shops rely on the type of music they play and the budtenders they hire to build the vibe around the experience. Eduard has been able to take it a step further by offering customers a chance to walk into the world of Mike Tyson and fully embrace the carefully curated Tyson 2.0 cannabis and glass products.

“We have Mike cutouts, we have everything Tyson 2.0, the whole shop is in the company colors, logos everywhere,… a white Mike-Bite shaped watch on the wall over our Studen Glasses with the boxing gloves attachment for our customers to use; we have the full Tyson 2.0 experience over there.”

Part of that experience is also made up of the lounge tables, official menu, servers, and displays of various flowers and cannabis products. It’s a safe haven for stoners–greenhorns and veterans alike–to enjoy a smoke in a comfortable, vibey environment, “You can compare it to a pub or a sports bar type of thing in the US where you get together with your friends, you have a place to sit down and smoke, you can have coffee…”

Customers get to enjoy Tyson 2.0’s highly regarded products that have wowed the cannabis market. Everything from Mike Bites to pre-rolled joints to Moroccan-style hash is at their disposal. If the munchies kick it, fear not because the shop is at the ready with all the snacks and hot drinks needed to tame the beast.

The last part of the missing piece Eduard brought to Amsterdam was the customer service. He took note of other shops failing to deliver a friendly, customer-focused style. So, he implemented a specific training plan to ensure that each time customers walk through the doors, they all receive the attention worthy of the champ himself, “…we are representing Mike directly with this coffee shop, and we’re the closest some people will ever get to Mike, so the experience needs to be amazing every single time.”

The Tyson Effect

And the customers have noticed. In less than a year, the Tyson 2.0 Coffee Shop has become one of the most frequented establishments in the city, drawing customers from around the world, “I’ve seen people coming straight from the airport. I’ve seen the taxis pull up, and they still have their suitcases–everything–with them. People have come from New Zealand, Australia, Japan, literally from everywhere, and then straight to the shop.”

Of course, Mike Tyson has also come to the shop, bringing with him thousands of fans from every nook and cranny of the world. All the hype, world-class products, and unrivaled service have already transformed the establishment into a landmark of Amsterdam.

“…there’s tourist groups here with tour guides throughout the whole city, and I think we are one of the only shops where a tourist guy walks by with a group of 30 tourists, stands outside, and talks to the people about the Tyson coffee shop.”

That’s what we call the Tyson Effect.

Just the Beginning

The project in Amsterdam is just getting warmed up. After proving to be a successful venture, Eduard and the team have set their eyes on a country full of Tyson 2.0 Coffee Shops, “Now we’re coming up with a merchandise store not far from the coffee shop. And, of course, by the end of the year 2024, the ultimate goal is to have more of these coffee shops, not just in Amsterdam but in every major city, strategically placed in the Netherlands.”

Brick by brick, Tyson 2.0 is taking over the cannabis world, and the company owes it all to Eduard and the team in Amsterdam for bringing our world-class products and standards around the world. So, if you’ve been looking for a reason to visit Amsterdam, here’s your reason.

Come on down to the shop and smoke like a king. And if you’re lucky, you might just bump into Mike Tyson!