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TYSON 2.0’s “Holy Ears” digital campaign was the most unexpected and celebrated brand collaborations of the holiday season. To launch the new cannabis and delta 8 edibles from the “Mike Bites” series, “Holy Ears” showcased the spirit of friendship and featured the Company’s Co-founder and Chief Brand Officer, legendary boxer Mike Tyson, and 4-time World Heavyweight Champion of the World, Evander Holyfield. 

The first video iteration of the campaign series, “Happy Holy Days”, skyrocketed the viral charts and garnered over 3.8 million views across Meta platforms, Facebook and Instagram. The entire campaign series, comprised of 5 episodes, achieved massive consumer reach generating over 15 million views on Instagram alone.

In addition to social reach, “Holy Ears” won the hearts (and ears) of audiences around the world, driving coverage from national and local media channels alike. Jimmy Kimmel, TMZ, FOX News, Bravo, and more applauded the genius of the campaign with a combined viewership of nearly 28 billion. 

The “Holy Ears” campaign was also supported by a programmatic advertising campaign executed through Fyllo – the leading platform providing data-driven marketing and regulatory solutions – highlighting our Delta 8 offering of the Holy Ears product, generating nearly $10k in attributed sales revenue over 45 days.