Stoner Etiquette: Smoke Sesh Commandments

A smoke sesh is a sacred event. It’s a time for friends and strangers to come together, smoke herb, and blast off. But there are some unspoken rules that, if unfollowed, jeopardize the sesh.

Being the person who hogs the blunts, slobbers on the joint, or criticizes the weed is unacceptable. So, follow these 10 smoke sesh commandments to keep the vibes groovy and to avoid being uninvited from the next sesh.

1. Puff, Puff, Pass

Two hits are all you get. Take them and immediately pass whatever you’re smoking. Going for a third hit threatens the stability of the sesh, and you’ll be deemed a hog. Don’t be a hog, be a homie. Puff, puff, pass, and move along. *If smoking a bong, keep it to one bong rip.

2. Pass to the Left

There’s a strict order to the smoke sesh. Always pass to your left. Never, and I mean never, skip someone or pass backward or across. That is criminal. The only time it’s acceptable to rearrange the order is if someone taps out. However, it’s proper stoner etiquette to ask those who tapped out if they want back in after a few circulations.

3. Contribute to the Sesh

Sometimes, it’s okay to come empty-handed. But if you’ve planned a smoke sesh with friends, contribute. Bring weed, a bong, blunt wraps, whatever. Consider it an offering to the sacred event.

4. Burn the Corner of the Bowl

Avoid burning the middle of the bowl when smoking a pipe or bong. Save some greens for the rest of the crew. Burn the corners so that everyone gets a nice-tasting hit.

5. The Roller Smokes First

Whoever rolls gets to smoke first. Those are the rules.

6. Don’t Slobber

No one wants to get passed a joint that’s been massacred by saliva. Before you take a hit, check your lips. Do you need to do a quick lips wipe? If yes, wipe ‘em. This is a smoke sesh, not a make-out sesh.

7. Don’t Pressure Anyone

Everyone has different weed tolerances. Never pressure people to consume more than they’re comfortable with. If you bring an ultra-potent herb, warn the group. You’re there to have a good time, not to give someone a panic attack.

8. Clean Your Glass

You might be fine smoking out of a filthy, resin-covered bong, but don’t assume everyone else is. If you’re bringing glass, give it a scrub. Consider your glass as the centerpiece of the smoke sesh. It sets the mood of the room and is a representation of yourself. So, clean it!

9. Avoid Being a Weed Critic

No one wants to smoke with a hater or a pedantic weed critic. Never judge someone’s weed. Smoke it and be grateful you’re getting a toke of free herb. Criticizing the weed threatens your invitation to the next sesh. Say thank you, and pass it along (to the left).

10. Keep the Convo Light

A smoke sesh is not the time to debate politics, start beef, or get too serious. It’s the time to crack jokes, shoot the sh*t, and groove to tunes. Keep those serious conversations for another time. Remember that the vibes of the sesh are fragile. One dicey or heavy comment could be a vibe death sentence.