The 8 Best Weed Festivals in 2024

Weed is worth celebrating, and 2024 is the year to spark up at the hottest cannabis festivals around the world. From North America to Europe, stoner brothers and sisters come together to puff, puff, pass the finest strains and products. But cannabis is just one part of these multicultural events jampacked with music, art, and camaraderie. So, join us on an adventure to the best weed festivals in 2024.

1. Mile High 420 Festival (Denver, Colorado)

Colorado was one of the first two states to legalize recreational cannabis use in the United States. So, what better place to celebrate good ol’ Mary Jane than at the Civic Center Park in Denver, Colorado. The event is free–shoutout Colorado–and takes place on April 20th. Get stoked for live music, food trucks, drinks, and a day to remember.

2. 420 Hippie Hill (San Francisco, California)

Looking for a cannabis festival in California on 4/20? Then, put 420 Hippie Hill on your list of things to do. 420 Hippie Hill takes place at the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, and it’s a full day of smoking, eating, and dancing under the California sun. In typical San Francisco fashion, you can expect a wild, eccentric atmosphere. It’s such an epic event that Mike Tyson has even made an appearance!

3. Seattle Hempfest (Seattle, Washington)

The Seattle Hempfest is the OG weed festival that first kicked off in 1991 to garner support for cannabis legalization. COVID-19 has put the festival on hold, but Hempfest is aiming to make its grand return in the summer of 2024. Traditionally, Seattle’s waterfront parks turn into a stoner playground. Music, weed, food, hand-made glass pieces. What’s not to love?

4. The Emerald Cup (Oakland, California)

It doesn’t get much better than California-grown weed, and the Emerald Cup is the best place to experience it. The event is a competition between hundreds of growers and producers, battling for titles such as The Best Flower, The Best Edibles, and The Best Concentrates. So, grab your weekend pass and get ready for a dope music lineup and incredible cannabis.

5. Spannabis (Barcelona, Spain)

Come September, Barcelona is the place to be for cannabis lovers. Spannabis takes place in Barcelona, hosting hundreds of international exhibitors and a lineup of live music performances that range from afrobeat to hip-hop to jazz. The event spans three days, and as long as you’re outside, you’re free to light up. It’s a great international experience, so don’t miss out on one of the best weed festivals in Europe.

6. National Cannabis Festival (Washington, DC)

Ever dreamt of smoking weed just a stone’s throw from the White House? Well, the National Cannabis Festival is the place to do it. Located at the RFK Festival grounds in Washington, DC, the event puts on two days of epic cannabis festivities. Learn how to grow your own pot in the Grower’s World, chow down at the Munchies Zone, and boogie to some live tunes–2024’s headliners include Wu-Tang Clan and Thunder Cat.

7. Hanfparade (Berlin, Germany)

Hanfparade, as its name suggests, is a full-blown weed parade in Berlin that started in 1997. Thousands of people get together each year to support the free use of cannabis in one big, colorful, peaceful march. As the crowd reaches the route’s designated endpoint, there are live music performances by top artists and pro-weed speeches by politicians. At 10pm, everyone heads out to the various afterparties for an epic night that you could only experience in Berlin.

8. Grass Lands (San Francisco, California)

Grass Lands isn’t your typical weed festival. Why? Because it partnered up with the summertime music festival Outside Lands located at the Golden Gate Park. Slip away from the crowd into a cannabis paradise where you can purchase weed, sit down for some munchies, and vibe to private music sets. You have to be 21+ to enter, which means you’ll find a much smaller, chiller experience compared to the rest of the music festival.