The Best Way to Store Your Weed: Mike Tyson’s Way

You just picked up some fresh chronic. Great. But if you don’t store it the right way, don’t expect that sticky icky to say sticky–or icky. Unless you want moldy weed that loses its potency, it’s time to learn how to keep your stash fresh. So, join on us on Tyson 2.0’s best weed-storing practices!

Why Storing Your Weed Correctly is Important

Storing your weed the right way isn’t something to brush under the rug. This is your herb we’re talking about! Keeping it in an open bag, the fridge, or – lord, help us – the freezer is a recipe for diester. Here’s what improper storage can lead to:

·  Loss of potency: Exposure to air, light, and heat destroys cannabinoids (THC/CBD). So, you’ll be left with a stash that no longer packs a punch.

·  Mold and mildew buildup: Storing your weed in a humid environment can lead to mold and mildew. As you can imagine, smoking moldy weed poses potential health risks. That’s not going to fly here.

·  Terpene degradation: Terpenes are the reason behind the glorious smell of cannabis. Too much exposure to air or sunlight causes terpene degradation, which means you can say goodbye to that delicious aroma.

Weed Storage Factors

When it comes to storing your weed, there are four factors you must consider: temperature, humidity, light, and air exposure. Follow these golden rules for the best storage environment.

Temperature: The best weed storage temperature is under 70°F. Find a nice, cool place in your house to keep your weed. Avoid leaving it in a hot car or a room that gets hot during the day.

Humidity: The ideal levels of humidity range from 40% to 60%. Too much humidity can lead to moldy weed, and too little humidity can lead to overly dry weed. Refrigerators/freezers are a humid nightmare. So, stay clear. If you live in an extremely dry or humid environment, consider a humidifier/dehumidifier to hit these ideal levels.

Light: The less light exposure, the better. Keep your weed somewhere dark. In a drawer, under a coffee table, or tucked away anywhere.

Air Exposure: Weed should have as little direct air exposure as possible. Airtight jars and sealed bags are your best friends in this regard.

The Best Way to Store Your Weed

Glass Jars Are King. And they are the best way to store your weed. An airtight jar will eliminate air exposure and contact with moisture. However, you still need to keep that jar somewhere cool and dark. Don’t think that your stash is completely safe just because it’s in a sealed glass container.

Other Weed Storing Tips

·  Don’t Put Weed in the Fridge or Freezer: We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again. Refrigerators and freezers are too humid. And the constant fluctuation in temperatures from pulling it in and out puts you at risk for mold/mildew.

·  Ground Flower Doesn’t Last as Long: Even if you store ground flower correctly, it still won’t last as long as full buds. That’s just the way it is. So, only ground the flower you plan to smoke at the moment.

·  Vacuum Sealed Bags Will Reduce Odor: Vacuum-sealed bags don’t just eliminate moisture contact; they also prevent your stash from stinking up the place. Unless you want to use weed as an air freshener–no judgment here–use a vacuum-sealed bag.

·  Plastic Nug Jugs are Okay: A glass jar is best, but a standard plastic nug jug still provides a safe place for your cannabis.

Final Thoughts

Weed is a sacred plant, and it should be treated as such. The best way to store your weed is in a glass jar, kept somewhere cool, dark, and dry. The last thing we want for you is to pull out your chronic from the fridge and find your stash covered in mold. So, smoke like the stoner king that you are and keep your weed safe and sound. Mike Tyson demands it.